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Ask Detroit Anything: Where Can You Try The Coolest Olympic Sport?

Originally published on Deadline Detroit. Produced in partnership with Lauren Ann Davies.

The Winter Olympics are over, but God knows Michigan's weather will remain perfect for winter sports for a good while longer. Inspired by the games, maybe you want to actually try one of these badass winter sports — and not just any Winter Olympic sport, but the coolest Winter Olympic sport.

First, you have to decide what sport is the coolest. That’s easy enough because the coolest Winter Olympic sport is sledding — bobsledding, skeleton and luge.

Lucky for us, the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex has the United States’ only public luge run. And it's just a three-hour drive away.

In this Ask Detroit Anything, Jack Page from the Muskegon Luge Club tells us about the mechanics of luge and then he takes us for a ride.

Trust us, luging is one of those absolute must-try-if-you’re-a-Michigander things. It’s a total blast.


Jeff T. Wattrick